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MPTF NextGen is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and creating impact for MPTF and the entertainment industry community that it serves by education and engaging our peers, forming strategic partnerships, and serving as ambassadors within the entertainment community. MPTF NextGen looks to support this mission through initiatives built on the following four pillars:

Education: MPTF NextGen aims to educate our entertainment industry peers on the mission, services, and accomplishments of MPTF, as well as the events available to them.

Engagement: MPTF NextGen will give emerging influencers in the entertainment industry an opportunity to engage with MPTF through membership, participation in events (networking, social, etc.), volunteer opportunities, and philanthropic support.

Partnerships: In service of the preceding principles, MPTG NextGen will help MPTF form forward-thinking strategic partnerships that increase the visibility, capacity, and impact of the organization.

Ambassadorship: Members of MPTF NextGen will serve as ambassadors within the industry and seek opportunities to convert existing and emerging influencers into ambassadors as well.

NextGen activities will be conducted with an eye toward building MPTF’s capacity to convert awareness and engagement into revenue; while NextGen’s focus Is not fundraising in and of itself, some initiatives may include fundraising aspects.

In addition to NextGen’s internal mission (in service of MPTF), MPTF NextGen embraces and aims to communicate the outward mission of MPTF, “taking care of our own.” MPTF NextGen has the ability to reach a new, younger audience and to communicate differently  with the existing community in order to strengthen the foundation of MPTF, with a focus on the following core values:

Taking care of our own, taking care of each other:  Hollywood’s ability to create a safety net for entertainment industry workers dates back to the First World War. While studios released films to bolster morale, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and others also recognized the need to care for dependents of film workers who had gone to war. The Motion Picture Relief Fund started in 1921, when actors on movie sets started putting coins in a can to help their co-workers who found themselves in need of help. A prime example of young industry members is the support MPTF provided to hundreds out of work during the 2007 writers’ strike who needed help getting by. The deep-rooted history of MPTF can help reinforce the MPTF NextGen efforts.

“I was raised to believe that as a community we should be judged by how we take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. This is our community. This is our commitment: to make sure that MPTF is still standing strong for generations to come.” –George Clooney

A culture of service: We believe that many in our industry crave an opportunity to help others, and we believe that MPTF can serve as a hub to channel that enthusiasm for the benefit of our constituency and the organization.

Protecting the future of entertainment professionals: MPTF has recognized the need to not only be a responsive safety net in times of crisis, but to proactively help industry members prepare for the often sudden changes in employment that a career in the entertainment industry can b ring. Similarly, we provide programs to help industry members stay healthy, through access to health insurance and wellness programs, and programs to support industry members dealing with aging loved ones. MPTF NextGen can help spread this message and bring our peers into the fold  in the early stages of their careers and start educating our peer group about the services and programs available to them through MPTF.

Continuous evolution: MPTF was built by industry leaders to serve all those working in and around what we now consider “traditional” media. As the nature of entertainment continues to change, MPTF NextGen will engage at the grassroots level to help align MPTF with the ever-evolving industry and to harness the talents and resources of the NextGen to broaden and strengthen the very foundation of MPTF.  

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 MPTF NextGen Board

  • Jordan Berkus
    Talent Agent, Motion Pictures, United Talent Agency
  • Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Zachary Browning
    VP, Corp Dev & Ops, Dick Clark Productions
  • Natalie Bruss
    VP, ID
  • Katie Cates
    Agent, ICM
  • Julian Jacobs
    Principal, UTA Marketing, United Talent Agency
  • Jelani Johnson
    Talent Agent, Creative Artists Agency
  • Amanda Krentzman
    Senior Manager, International Originals, Netflix
  • Monica Macer
    Writer / Producer
  • Alana Mayo
    VP Development and Production, Paramount
  • Dan McManus
    Manager, Rise Management
  • Hillary Newman
    Director of Partnerships, Omaze
  • Heather Regnier
    Writer / Producer
  • Tara Schuster
    Director Original Programming and Development, Comedy Central
  • Brian Toombs
    VP Partner Content, Funny Or Die
  • Rachel Webber
    Senior Vice President, Fox Television Group

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